Collect, manage, and centralize user feedback

Build products that your customers will love, by understanding what they need.
Use feedback to better prioritise your product development.

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1. Feedback: Gather ideas & suggestions from customers

Be better organized in how you capture feedback. See which features to prioritise, and stop wasting time building things that your users don't need.

2. Roadmap: Excite customers with upcoming features

Show off what you're working on and excite your customers with a clear roadmap. Let your customers know their voice is heard.

3. Changelog: Inform customers of new product changes

Your product evolves and improves over time. Show your customers which bugs you've fixed, what new features you've added. Keep them in the loop about product updates with an easy to understand changelog.


Batteries included

Comes with everything needed to get you started
Multiple projects
Building more than one product? Use projects to organise them.
Feature voting
Allow your users to vote on features that are important to them. Then use the votes to inform your development.
Your user feedback portal is served over HTTPS as standard. Zero complicated setup.
Custom domain
Host your Makerkit portal on your own domain, e.g. It'll be served over HTTPS, and there's no complicated setup on your end.
Single Sign On
Your existing customers can be automatically logged into the Makerkit portal. No need for them to create another account.
Export voters
Get a list of users who've voted on a feature request.
Markdown support
We support markdown formatting for feature requests, comments and your changelog posts. Don't settle for plain text.
Guest feedback
Allow your users to vote, comment or add feature requests without creating an account. You'll be able to review everything before publishing their feature requests.
Email reports
Get a daily roundup of all new activity on your user portal.
Portal customisation
Choose which module (feedback, roadmap, changelog) you want to display on a portal
Customise your logo, and colours to match your site's theme
Custom labels
Add your own labels to better categorise feature requests
Team support
Invite team mates to your organisation. They'll be able to manage your project's account.
Private feedback
Mark feature requests/feedback/ideas that are confidential as private. Only you and your team will be able to see them.


Connect to your existing workflows
Slack logo

Get instant notifications to your Slack channel when you receive new feedback, comments or votes

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Intercom logo

Capture feature requests directly from your Intercom Messenger widget. Your users can add, vote, and comment on feature requests directly through Intercom's messenger app

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