Collect, centralize and manage feedback

Are you wasting time tracking feedback across emails, trello and your CRM? Centralise everything in one place

screenshot of a feedback board

Well informed product development

Vote on features

Your customers can suggest new features, and everyone will be able to vote on them

This allows you to quickly surface good ideas that are wanted by a large segment of your customers

feedback with votes by customers

Get better insight into feedback

When users submit a piece of feedback, you can easily ask for clarification on exactly what they want

You can have a conversation with the customer to get a better understanding of why they want a particular feature

This means that both you and the customer are on the same page which buiding a new feature based on their feedback

comments by customers

Keep customers in the loop

When you update the status of a feedback, for instance from "In progress" to "Complete", everyone who has voted for it will be notified

This increases customer happiness, as they know you're listening to their feedback

comments by customers